World of Warcraft Reforged - Races

Icon Name Scepter Tiny Town Hall Required Hero Level
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMercenaryCamp.blp Freelancer

Freelancers gain more experience from killing units and start with higher hero attributes. However, they cannot build a base with any real race and have limited supply.
Freelancer ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBK_Black_Book.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGenericCreepBuilding.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOrcPeon.BLP Old Horde

The old horde from the first and second war. Basically, the Orcs from Warcraft II:
- Oil.
- Strong navy.
- Lumber bonus.
Old Horde ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWitchDoctorMaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGreatHallWC2v2.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHumanPeasant2.BLP Alliance of Lordaeron

The Alliance of Lordaeron from the first and second war. Basically, the Humans from Warcraft II:
- Oil.
- Strong navy.
- Lumber bonus.
Alliance of Lordaeron ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBrilliance.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTownHallWC2.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPeasant.blp Human

Combination of Humans, Dwarves and Elves.
- Fast building construction with multiple workers.
- Strong buildings.
- Harvest more lumber.
- Many different types of units.
Human ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBrilliance.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTownHall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPeon.blp Orc

Combination of Orc, Troll and Tauren units.
- Powerful ground units.
- Strong melee units.
Orc ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWitchDoctorMaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGreathall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAcolyte.blp Undead

- Summon buildings without requiring a constructing worker.
- Blight which allows hit points regeneration.
- Summon skeletons from corpses.
Undead ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRodOfNecromancy.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNNecropolis.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWisp.blp Night Elf

- Mobility: Many buildings can move.
- Strong ranged units.
- Strong spell casters.
- Do not cut down trees from harvesting lumber.
Night Elf ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAdvancedStrengthOfTheMoon.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTreeOfLife.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBloodElfPeasant.blp Blood Elf

- Strong spell casters.
- Strong siege weapons.
- Many units have mana.
- Can destroy mana from enemy units.
- Protection from enemy spells.
- All units and buildings with mana can learn Siphon Mana.
Blood Elf ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfSanctuary.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBloodElfHall1.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMurgalSlave.blp Naga

Strong amphibious units who can submerge to disappear.
Naga ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfNegation.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTempleOfTides1.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGanarg.blp Demon

- Summon buildings without requiring a constructing worker.
- Strong units.
- Charm enemies.
- Transport units over the map.
- Capture enemy units.
Demon ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfSilence.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDemonGate.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDranai.blp Draenei

Lost Ones of the Draenei race. Highly mutated and deformed Draenei.
- Strong units.
- Imprisoning.
Draenei ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWand.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDranaiChiefHut.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFurbolg.blp Furbolg

Furbolg race.
Furbolg ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStone.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFurbolgHut.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHeroTinker.blp Goblin

- Strong mechanical units.
- Increased gold income.
- Shreeder units for harvesting more lumber.
- Strong buildings.
- Transmute their buildings if necessary.
Goblin ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTransmute.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGoblinHallTier1.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDwarfMiner.blp Dwarf

- Collect more gold from mines.
- Strongly armored units.
- Powerful siege weapons.
Dwarf ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHammer.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDwarvenHall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNElfVillager.blp High Elf

- Powerful spell casters.
- Strong air units.
High Elf ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfPreservation.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHighElfSanctuary.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHeroGnomeEngineer.blp Gnome

Race of diminutive and highly intelligent humanoids, known for their mastery of technology:
- Strong mechanical units.
- Highly advanced technologies.
Gnome ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEngineeringUpgrade.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTownHall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTrollGathererPurple.blp Troll

Allies of the Horde:
- Increased hit points regeneration.
- Bonus for different tribe trolls.
- Powerful spell casters.
Troll ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWitchDoctorAdept.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBuilding_ForestTrollT1.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTauren.blp Tauren

Large, bovine humanoids who dwell on the great plains of Central Kalimdor. Allies of the Horde:
- Reincarnate killed units.
- Strong melee units.
- Healing and form changing units.
Tauren ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSmash.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNchieftainsgreathall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandaVillager.blp Pandaren

Specialized on healing, peace, cooking and alcohol.
Pandaren ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWandOfCyclone.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandarenTownHall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBanner_Lordaeron.blp Lordaeron

The human kingdom of Lordaeron:
- Fast building construction with multiple workers.
- Strong buildings.
- Harvest more lumber.
- Many different types of units.
- Bonus against enemy Undead units.
Lordaeron ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBrilliance.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNLordaeronTownCenter.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBanner_Stormwind.blp Stormwind

The human kingdom of Stormwind:
- Fast building construction with multiple workers.
- Strong buildings.
- Harvest more lumber.
- Many different types of units.
- Bonus against enemy Undead units.
Stormwind ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBrilliance.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStormwindTownhall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNLightingElemental.blp Dalaran

The human kingdom of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor race. A human end elven faction which is specialized on magic and summoned creatures:
- Buildings are summoned by workers.
- Buildings can be teleported.
- Shields protects your base and your buildings.
- Destroyed buildings summon elementals.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Dalaran ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfPurification.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNArcaneTownHall.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSailor.blp Kul Tiras

The human kingdom of Kul Tiras:
- Strong navy.
- Water magic.
- Dead units are resurrected as ghosts for some time.
Kul Tiras ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWitchDoctorAdept.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNKultirasTownHall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNworgen.blp Worgen

The human kingdom of Gilneas:
- Strong warriors in wolf form.
- Bonus stats and increased harvesting at night.
- Can force night.
- Critical damage.
Worgen ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNworgen.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGilneasTownHall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNVrykulWorker.blp Vrykul

Nordic giants, powerful warriors with strong ships and Proto-Drakes.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Vrykul ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNVrykulWorker.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNVrykulMain1.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNnerubianSpiderLord.blp Nerubian

- Burrow units and buildings.
- Blight which allows hit points regeneration.
- Webs allow capturing ground and air units.
- Poison damages enemies over time.
- Spiderlings are summoned when units die.
- Larvas produce new units.
- Tunnels connect remote locations but for friendly units only.
Nerubian ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTN_NerubianScepter.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNIceRuinsMetropolis0.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTuskaarBrown.blp Tuskarr

Peaceful humanoid walrus-like people indigenous to the cold shores of Northrend. Nomadic, living in clans:
- Clans.
- Rituals.
- Frost Immunity.
- Fishing.
Tuskarr ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNColdWard.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNicon1good.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMurloc.blp Murloc

Bipedal, amphibious humanoid race mostly residing along coastlines, lakeshores, and riverbeds:
- Amphibious.
- Submerges.
- Swarming.
- Mutation.

Murloc ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWaterPearlStaff.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTempleOfTides.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOgre.blp Ogre

Large, brutish humanoids of notable strength native to Draenor:
- Clans.
- Powerful giant warriors.
- Powerful damaging abilities: War Stomp, Devour, Bash, Hurl Boulder.
Ogre ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOgreClubs2.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOgreMound.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ Eredar

Race of supremely talented magic-wielders who arose on the planet Argus countless millennia ago. Exceptionally skilled in magic, their mastery of the arcane arts. They split into the Man'ari and Draenei. The Man'ari follow the Burning Legion and the Draenei follow the path of the Light.
Eredar ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfNegation.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNChaosPeon.blp Fel Orc

Orcs corrupted by drinking demon blood. Also known as Chaos Orcs.
- Fel enables Chaos damage temporarily.
- Strong units.
- Demon units.
- Piggery.
- No Spiked Barricades.
- No Pillage.
- No Battle Stations.
Fel Orc ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWitchDoctorMaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFelOrcGreatHall.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFacelessOne.blp Faceless One

Created by the old gods the Faceless Ones served the Black Empire on Azeroth before the Titans arrived. They include other races like the Aqir:
- Mind Control.
- Magic.
- Tentacles.
Faceless One ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfSilence.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlackEmpireTwistedHalls.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSatyr.blp Satyr

The Satyr are a race of bestial demons usually sworn to the Burning Legion. This race includes the Corrupted Ancients, a group of satyrs, corrupted ancients, corrupted treants and skeletons in service of the Burning Legion commanded by the dreadlord Tichondrius:
- Corruption.
- Mana Burn.
- Strong ground units.
- Demon units.
Satyr ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAbsorbMagic.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCorruptedTreeOfLife.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNcentaur.blp Centaur

Warlike humanoid race with human-like upper bodies and the lower bodies of horses:
- Clans.
- Fast movements.
Centaur ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCentaurArcher.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCentaurTent2.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGnollKing.blp Gnoll

Vicious but simple-minded hyena-like humanoids:
- Packs and clans.
- Enslavements.
- Strong melee warriors.
Gnoll ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGnollKing.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGnollCamp.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNKobold.blp Kobold

Diminutive, rat-like subterranean humanoids who dwell in and around caverns and mines:
- Tunnels.
- Candles.
- Geomancy.
Kobold ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNKobold.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBTNMordorStronghold1.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRazorback.blp Quillboar

Aggressive, primitive boar-like humanoids:
- Summons.
- Endurance.
Quillboar ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRazorback.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNQuilboarShelter.blp -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGreenDragon.blp Dragonkin

Immense, powerful, winged reptilian creatures, All creatures descended from and including Dragons, from Drakes to Drakonid Include Dragons, Proto-dragons, Dragonspawns, Dragonid, and Dracthyr.
- Flying creatures.
- Spell Immunity.
- Massive AOE damage.
- Breeding.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Dragonkin ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWitchDoctorMaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDragonRoost.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHoplite Helmet UPG2.blp Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece from another universe.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Ancient Greece ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHoplite Helmet UPG2.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTownHall.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRomanHelmet.blp Roman Empire

The Roman Empire from another universe.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Roman Empire ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRomanHelmet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTent.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMedievalHelmet.blp Medieval

European christian medieval race inspired by games like Age of Empires II.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Medieval ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMedievalHelmet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCastle1.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ Union

Union from American Civil War:
- Freedom
- Strong explosives.
- Railway.
- Indians.
- Gold.
- Caddle.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Union ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBrilliance.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCastle1.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNReichSapper.blp Germans WWII

Germans during WWII. Sad story.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Germans WWII ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNReichSapper.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTownHall.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNhelmet.blp Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare era after WWII until today.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Modern Warfare ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNhelmet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTownHall.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTerranSCV.blp Terran

StarCraft Terran race.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Terran ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNhelmet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCommandCenter.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBTNHobbitMan.blp Free People of Middle Earth

Free People of Middle Earth: Hobbits, Rohan, Gondor, Elves, Dwarves etc.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Free People of Middle Earth ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfSanctuary.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRohanTownHall1.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOrcWarrior1.blp Sauron's Forces

Mordor, Isengard, Rhûn, Haradrim, and evil creatures from Middle Earth:
- 2 special buildings: Barad'dur and Orthanc.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Sauron's Forces ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOrcCaptureFlag.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBTNMordorStronghold1.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGungan.blp Galactic Republic

Galactic Republic from Star Wars.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Galactic Republic ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGungan.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRepublicAssaultShip.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGeonosian.blp CIS

Confederacy of Independent Systems from Star Wars.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
CIS ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGeonosian.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFlyingMachine.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNIthorian.blp Rebel Alliance

Rebel Alliance from Star Wars.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Rebel Alliance ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNIthorian.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRepublicAssaultShip.blp 30
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNR2D2.blp Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire from Star Wars.

Requires hero level 30 or to be a VIP.
Galactic Empire ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNR2D2.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRepublicAssaultShip.blp 30