World of Warcraft Reforged - Undead

Tiers Buildings
Tier 1
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNNecropolis.blp Necropolis
225 images/WC3gold.webp
Primary structure, used to train Acolytes and receive lumber gathered by Ghouls. Can be upgraded to Halls of the Dead and then Black Citadel to enable the production of additional types of structures and units.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNNerubianZiggurat.blp Undead Housing
80 images/WC3gold.webp 20 images/WC3lumber.webp
Provides an additional source of gold income.

Limited to 4.

Undead Housing
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNZiggurat.blp Ziggurat
150 images/WC3gold.webp 50 images/WC3lumber.webp
Provides food, which increases the maximum number of units that can be trained. Can be upgraded to a defensive structure that attacks land and air units.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAltarOfDarkness.blp Altar of Darkness
180 images/WC3gold.webp 50 images/WC3lumber.webp
Summons Heroes. Revives slain Heroes.

Altar of Darkness
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCrypt.blp Crypt
200 images/WC3gold.webp 50 images/WC3lumber.webp
Primary troop production building. Trains Ghouls, Crypt Fiends, and Gargoyles. Also contains the upgrades Ghoul Frenzy, Cannibalize, Stone Form, Web and Burrow.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGraveyard.blp Graveyard
215 images/WC3gold.webp
Provides attack and armor upgrades for Undead units. Also produces corpses and serves as a drop-off point for harvested lumber.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNZigguratUpgrade.blp Spirit Tower
295 images/WC3gold.webp 90 images/WC3lumber.webp
Upgrade to create a defensive structure.

Attacks land and air units.

Spirit Tower
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFrostTower.blp Nerubian Tower
250 images/WC3gold.webp 70 images/WC3lumber.webp
Upgrade to create a defensive structure that deals cold damage and slows enemy units.

Attacks land and air units.

Nerubian Tower
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTombOfRelics.blp Tomb of Relics
130 images/WC3gold.webp 30 images/WC3lumber.webp
Creates a shop with purchasable items. The items available depend upon what level of upgrade your Necropolis has (Necropolis, Halls of the Dead, or Black Citadel) and which buildings you have.

Tomb of Relics
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNUndeadShipyard.blp Undead Shipyard
50 images/WC3gold.webp
Boat construction facility. Produces Undead Transport Ships, Undead Frigates, and Undead Battleships.

Undead Shipyard
Tier 2
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHallOfTheDead.blp Halls of the Dead
545 images/WC3gold.webp 210 images/WC3lumber.webp
Upgrade to Halls of the Dead to enable the production of additional types of structures and units.

Attacks land and air units.

Halls of the Dead
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTempleOfTheDamned.blp Temple of the Damned
155 images/WC3gold.webp 140 images/WC3lumber.webp
Spellcaster production building. Trains Necromancers and Banshees.
Also contains upgrades for Necromancers, Banshees, and Skeletal Mastery.

Temple of the Damned
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBoneyard.blp Boneyard
150 images/WC3gold.webp 200 images/WC3lumber.webp
Produces Frost Wyrms. Also contains the Freezing Breath upgrade.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSlaughterhouse.blp Slaughterhouse
140 images/WC3gold.webp 135 images/WC3lumber.webp
Produces Abominations, Obsidian Statues, and Meat Wagons. Also contains the Disease Cloud, and Destroyer Form upgrades.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSacrificialPit.blp Sacrificial Pit
75 images/WC3gold.webp 150 images/WC3lumber.webp
Has the Sacrifice ability for turning Acolytes into Shades. Shades are invisible spirits that can see invisible units, but cannot attack.

Sacrificial Pit
Tier 3
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlackCitadel.blp Black Citadel
870 images/WC3gold.webp 440 images/WC3lumber.webp
Upgrade to Black Citadel to enable the production of additional types of structures and units.

Attacks land and air units.

Black Citadel
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRevenant.blp Lich King
1200 images/WC3gold.webp 700 images/WC3lumber.webp
Allows reanimating 22 dead units anywhere on the map. Besides, allows summoning 1 Shades anywhere on the map.

Limited to 1.

Lich King
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPowerGenerator.blp Power Generator
2000 images/WC3gold.webp 1500 images/WC3lumber.webp
A power generator that can protect buildings nearby by increasing their defense and life generation. It helps you to protect your main base from being completely destroyed by an enemy army.

Can only be built once and has to be built in an area without hostile buildings.

Power Generator
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPortal.blp Portal
150 images/WC3gold.webp 150 images/WC3lumber.webp
Opens a Portal which can have another allied Portal as destination. This helps you to connect different locations on the map with each other avoiding enemy troops. When the Portal is destroyed all allied Portals which have it as destination will be disabled automatically. When the Portal's destination is destroyed, it will be disabled automatically.

Be careful since Portals can be used by enemy units, too!

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTent.blp Research Tent
150 images/WC3gold.webp 50 images/WC3lumber.webp
A tent for important researches.

Research Tent
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCentaurTent.blp Event House
150 images/WC3gold.webp 50 images/WC3lumber.webp
A house to control important events.

Limited to 1.

Event House
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMarketStone.blp Trading Post
50 images/WC3gold.webp
Allows training Pack Horses which can gather gold and lumber from your own or allied Trading Posts. This increases your gold and lumber as well as for the allied player.

Allows buying and selling resources other than gold and lumber.

Trading Post
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAmmoDump.blp Alchemist Lab
3000 images/WC3gold.webp 2000 images/WC3lumber.webp
Allows converting units into different races.

Limited to 1.

Alchemist Lab
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStonewall.blp Wall
80 images/WC3gold.webp 20 images/WC3lumber.webp
A wall protects your town.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWebWard.blp Antimagic Ward
1000 images/WC3gold.webp 1000 images/WC3lumber.webp
Prevents enemy Reveals, Far Sight, Portal, Scroll of Town Portal, Blink, Mass Teleportation and Staff of Teleportation spells of enemy units in the nearby area and adds a black mask for enemy players. Can cast Silence, detects invisible units and is permanently invisible itself.

Only works if built before enemy Antimagic Wards in the area.

Antimagic Ward
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSorceressMaster.blp Spell Book
200 images/WC3gold.webp 100 images/WC3lumber.webp
Allows learning spells for reskillable heroes and Equipment Bags. Contains all available spells for all 5 slots. Use the Change Page abilities to change the listed ones.

Spell Book
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlackMarket.blp Marketplace
200 images/WC3gold.webp 100 images/WC3lumber.webp
Sells items dropped from creeps.

Limited to 1.

ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNThievesGuildX.blp Thieves Guild
200 images/WC3gold.webp 100 images/WC3lumber.webp
Sells killed units from creeps and enemy players. Units can only be purchased once and are removed from the Thieves Guild after that. However, when they die again, they will be readded.

Limited to 1. Does not sell workers, citizens or summoned units.

Thieves Guild
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCage.blp Mounts Cage
200 images/WC3gold.webp 100 images/WC3lumber.webp
Allows buying mounts for your heroes. Mounts are available at hero level 20. Use the Change Page abilities to change the listed ones.

Mounts Cage
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlackDragonRoost.blp Dragon Roost
15000 images/WC3gold.webp 15000 images/WC3lumber.webp
Allows to train all Dragons.

Limited to 1.

Dragon Roost
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlacksmith.blp Armory
1000 images/WC3gold.webp 500 images/WC3lumber.webp
Allows equipping units and heroes.

Limited to 1.

Tier 4
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNArcaneObservatory.blp Temple of Light
3000 images/WC3gold.webp
The Eternal Guardian´s seat of power. Has different defensive capabilities. Can learn the Magic Sentry ability.

Attacks land and air units.

Temple of Light
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNShrineOfAszhara.blp Temple of Darkness
3000 images/WC3gold.webp
The Destroyer´s seat of power. Has different offensive capabilities. Can learn the Magic Sentry ability.

Attacks land and air units.

Temple of Darkness