World of Warcraft Reforged - Resources

Resources can be gathered and exchanged into gold. The resulting gold depends on their gold exchange rate:
Icon Name Gold Exchange Rate Tax Levels Description
UI\\Feedback\\Resources\\ResourceGold.blp Gold 1.00
  • 0-150 Food: 100 percent income
  • 151-250 Food: 70 percent income
  • 251-600 Food: 40 percent income
Gold is the main resource of Azeroth. It can be gathered from Gold Mines. It is used to buy items, train units, research upgrades and construct buildings.
UI\\Feedback\\Resources\\ResourceLumber.blp Lumber 2.00 - Lumber is the second most important resource of Azeroth. It can be gathered from trees. It is used for more expensive stuff since it might take longer to gather lumber than gold.
UI\\Feedback\\Resources\\ResourceSupply.blp Food 0.00 - Food is used by player units. Stronger units use more food.
UI\\Feedback\\Resources\\ResourceSupply.blp Food Maximum 0.00 - The food maximum is determined by the farms/burrows etc. you have constructed and limited by 100.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNOil.blp Oil 2.00 - Oil can be gathered from Oil Fields on land or water. It is burned as fuel for mechanical vehicles.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNCopperCoins.blp Copper 0.25 - Copper is the cheapest currency of Azeroth. 2 Copper is worth 1 silver. 4 Copper is worth 1 gold. 2 Silver are worth 1 gold.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNSilverCoin.blp Silver 0.50 - Silver is the second cheapest currency of Azeroth. It is worth more than Copper but less than Gold. 2 Copper is worth 1 silver. 4 Copper is worth 1 gold. 2 Silver are worth 1 gold.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNEnchantedGemstone.blp Gemstones 2.50 - Gemstones is the most valuable resource in Azeroth which can be harvested.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNMonsterLure.blp Meat 0.40 - Meat can be used to feed your troops.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNWheat.blp Grain 0.40 - Grain can be used to feed your troops.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNINV_Misc_Rock_01.blp Rocks 0.40 - Rocks can be used to construct stone buildings and be used as ammunition for catapults.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNINV_Ingot_Iron.blp Iron 0.50 - Iron is used for weapons and armor.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNHumanMissileUpOne.blp Black Powder 0.80 - Black Powder is used to fire guns and cannons.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNINV_WaterBucket.BLP Water 0.20 - Water is gained from rivers, seas and wells. It is used to make food grow, extinguish fire and to supply your units.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNElectricity Breakout.blp Electricity 1.30 - Electricity is used as power source.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNTestOfFaith.BLP Favor 1.10 - Favor is given by the gods and titans. It is gained by sacrifing animals, fighting wars, praying and building monuments.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNOrange.blp Fruits 0.40 - Fruits include all fruits and vegetables but not grain.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\ Argunite 2.00 - Mineral from Argus with magical properties.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNResourceCrystal.blp Minerals 1.00 - The primary resource from StarCraft.
ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNVespianGeyser.blp Vespene Gas 0.42 - The secondary resource from StarCraft.