World of Warcraft Reforged - Quests

There are several quests which can be completed once in a game to receive a reward item:
Icon Name NPC Reward Requirement Description
Dragon Slayer ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHeroArchMage.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRingJadeFalcon.blp - Lately there has been some harassment by an evil Red Dragon that recently appeared in the region. The creature has caused serious damage to the defenses of Nethergarde Citadel and now the wizards there have had enough! There is a substantional reward to the h
Golem Factory ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNmagni.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNArmorGolem.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNRedDragon.blp The Engineers of Ironforge have discovered some very interesting blueprints in the city´s library: apparently there seems to be a long abandoned and forgotten Golem Factory somewhere under the city. This subject has drawn the Dwarf King´s attention since Go
Search for Muradin ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNmagni.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSpiritWalkerAdeptTraining.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNArmorGolem.blp Although it may be a suicide mission, the High King of the Dwarves requests that you travel to Icecrown and find out what happened to Muradin Bronzebeard, the High King´s brother. Find the Dwarf and, should he still live, escort safely him back to Ironforge!
Crusade ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAnduin_Wrynn.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStormHammer.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNAvatar.blp The time has come to take countermeasures against the increasing threat caused by the Scourge ! To prevent another cataclysm like in Lordaeron, King Anduin Wrynn and the Order of the Silver Hand have called out a Crusade against the Undead. Heros throughout t
Druid Spell ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPriestessOfTheMoon.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfNegation.blp - The City of Darnassus is flourishing as hoped. However, there seems to be a problem with the Night Elf housings around the new World Tree. They are somehow falling apart. Apparently this seems to be a side-effect of the World Tree´s growing. Tyrande needs a
The World Tree ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFurion.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPriestAdept.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNBearDen.blp Ever since the destruction of the Demon Archimonde near the World Tree, its regeneration has somehow been strange. The Arch-Druid Furion suspects some kind of corruption of the magical waters the World Tree is feeding from... Since the dispelling of demonic
Moon Stones ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPriestessOfTheMoon.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMoonStone.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNFurion.blp During an experiment with the newly discovered Moon Stones, there has been an accident. The effect of the Moon Stone somehow prolongued the Eclipse to an incredible length. Tyrande has tried many spells to cancel the eclipse but with no success. She believes
Demon Blood ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFurion.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHeartOfAszune.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNElunesBlessing.blp After the Legion´s defeat on Kalimdor, the Night Elves seem to have overlooked something. There is still a defiled Fountain somewhere in Fellwood, probably the source of the Warsong Clan´s former corruption. To prevent other creatures to drink from it, Fur
Durotar Law Code ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNThrall.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfTeleportation.blp - The Orcish nation of Durotar is prospering well. Under the guidance of Warchief Thrall, they have established a council of elders that is responsible for establishing order and laws among the hot-headed Orcs. Although the Night Elves and Humans already have w
Harpy Menace ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHeroTaurenChieftain.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEnsnare.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNThrall.blp The Tauren have constantly been harassed by Harpies and Centaurs since they moved to Mulgore. Now a scout has discovered one of the Harpies´ Queens. Cairne believes that if she was destroyed, the Harpies would at last be silenced. He needs a strong Hero to t
Arena Contest ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRexxar.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBelt.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNHeroTaurenChieftain.blp Rexxar and the Stonemaul Ogres declare their Arena officially as open ! For the first warrior to beat Level 9 of the Gauntlet Arena, Rexxar has announced a special prize, apart from the items that may be dropped in the Arena fights. Beat Level 9 of the Gauntl
Centaur Khans ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandarenBrewmaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOrcCaptureFlag.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNBeastMaster.blp The Pandaren Brewmaster, Chem Stormstout, has recently arrived in Mulgore with interesting news from his travel in the south. There seems to be an increased movement of the centaurs. They apparently seem to have their seasonal fights for who is to be the new
Demigod´s Remnants ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHeroCryptLord.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNLightningShield.blp - The Faceless Ones of Azjul-Nerub have drawn the Lich King´ interest in them. He wants them as part of the scourge, but he needs more magic power in order to control them. Anub´Arak has received word from Kel´Thuzad that the Lich King´s power could be incr
Demigod´s Horn ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNLichVersion2.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRevenant.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNKeeperGhostBlue.blp The next step to unravel Kel´Thzad´s spell requires the ancient Artifact known as the Horn of Cenarius. Fortunately as it is, the Horn seems to be guarded only by a few creatures and is vulnerable to theft. But in order to remove it from the pedestal that m
Lich King´s Order ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRevenant.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDaggerOfEscape.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNHornOfCenarius.blp After having enabled the Lich King to control the the mysterious Faceless Ones, the time has come to unravel the Scourge´s Wrath. The Quest is as hard as easy it is to describe it: you are to destroy one Nation´s Capital (Tier 1, 2 or 3 Town Hall or a or a
The Burning Legion ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRevenant.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRevenant.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNRevenant.blp The Lich King will now have his revenge on his original creator Kil'jaeden who is still active in the Outland area. The Lich King already betrayed his former master and creator but now it is time to act and to fight the Burning Legion. Use the help of the Dra
Dark Portal ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBansheeRanger.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStaffOfSilence.blp - The Orcish warriors are the fiercest warriors known and they would be a valuable addition to the Forsaken Army. The Dark Lady Sylvanas has devised a plan to enslave the unsuspecting Orcs and turn them into the undead. To realize this idea, it will take severa
Stormreaver Hermit ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBansheeRanger.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWandSkull.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNDarkPortal.blp After having captured the Nether Drake, the next step is to get a corpse probe of a dead orc. In Durotar, there is a Stormreaver Hermit who makes forbidden experiments with Orcish corpses. Sylvanas wants your Hero tage the bag of Gold, travel to Durotar, find
The Silver Hand ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBansheeRanger.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAdvancedUnholyArmor.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNSkeletalOrcGrunt.blp After having added the Orcs as part of the Forsaken, Sylvanas wants revenge on the Paladins of the Silver Hand who constantly hunt the Undead and cause the most dangerous threat for the Forsaken at the moment. There will be a bounty for the Hero who first kil
Legendary Items ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBansheeRanger.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNUsedSoulGem.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNBansheeRanger.blp Now it is time to craft some powerful items to protect the base of the Forsaken in Azeroth. Slyvanas knows how to craft items but needs some references to create really powerful items. You must kill at least two Bosses and bring their legendary artifacts to S
Tomb of Sargeras ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEvilIllidan.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCloakOfFlames.blp - After having returned from Outland, Illidan, Kael and Vashj have devised a new plan to strike at the Lich King. However, Lord Illidan needs a special Artifact which he can only get from his Master, Kil´Jaeden himself. He is currently somewhere in the Tomb of
Fight Fire with Fire ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBloodMage2.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCrystalBall.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNKiljaedin.blp Lord Illidan is getting tired of being chased by the Night Elf Warden Maiev Shadowsong. Before the next step to strike at the Lich King, Illidan wants the Warden matter solved first. According to spy reports, Maiev and her group of Huntresses have currently s
Sapphiron ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNNagaSeaWitch.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGrimWard.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNWarden2.blp The time to strike at the Lich King is coming near. But before, a final step is needed. There is a mighty Frost Wyrm called Sapphiron who watches every movement in and out of Icecrown. Lord Illidan requires you to destroy it in order to get to the Icecrown Gl
Stormrage ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEvilIllidan.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTN3M3.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNFrostWyrm.blp It is time to strike at the Lich King himself ! Illidan has a score to settle with Arthas. However, the subject of this campaign is not to destroy the Lich King himself since his powers are still far too great at the moment. Even after striking down his morta
Akama's Message ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDranaiAkama.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRingGreen.blp - Akama wants to send a message to Illidan and ask him for help in the fight against Maghteridon's Demons. Bring the message to Illidan.
An unlikely Alliance ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEvilIllidan.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNClawsOfAttack.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNSpy.blp There is still some of the Orcs in the Outland regions. They suffer the same as the Draenei from the Demon invasion. Visit their leader and ask them for help. Return their answer back to Illidan.
Magtheridon's Defeat ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEvilIllidan.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNOrbOfDarkness.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNChaosBlademaster.blp Illidan needs to defeat Magtheridon in a final strike. He constructed a powerful orb which will help you to fight the powerful demon and to defeat him once and for all. Take the orb and defeat Magtheridon with it. Take his heart and bring it to Illidan.
Archimonde's Return ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEvilIllidan.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNNecklace.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNPitLord.blp Demons are trying to summon Archimonde through a powerful Demon Portal in Outland. This has to be prevented. Travel to the Demon Portal and destroy it. Return to Illidan to get your reward.
The New Citadel ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNEredarWarlockPurple.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNGlove.blp - Socrethar wants you to get information about the progress of the new Demon citadel in Outland as fast as possible. He gave you some instructions for the Commander of the Citadel. Visit the citadel and talk to the Commander of the Citadel who is in charge and
Draenei Deserters ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlueDemoness.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNScepterOfMastery.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNDoomGuard.blp The upcoming Queen of the new Citadel needs information about planned attacks from the Draenei. Hence, she gives you spell to convert Draeneis which will give her the information she needs. Convert 5 Draenei and bring them to her.
Akama ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlueDemoness.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDarkSummoning.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNCharm.blp The upcoming Queen of the new Citadel needs the Akama leader to be gone before the attack starts, so the Draenei forces will be weaker and the defense will be successful. Find the Akama, kill him and bring her his heart as proof.
Citadel Defense ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBlueDemoness.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDranai.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNDranaiAkama.blp A Draenei force is ready to attack The New Citadel. We must defend it at any cost to increase the presence of Demons in Outland and strengthen their position. Travel the The New Citadel and help defending it against Draenei forces.
A New Recipe ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandarenBrewmaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandarenBrewmaster.blp - Chen wants to try out a new recipe for his beer. He needs some ingredients from all over the World Tree next to Malfurion. Get the ingredients and return them to him to get your reward.
Goblin Invention ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandarenBrewmaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTelescope.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNStrongDrink.blp Chen needs a special invention from the Goblins for constructing his big brewery. Travel to the Goblin Bank Island, buy a Goblin Blaster and return it to Chen.
Mur'gul Revenge ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandarenBrewmaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWitchDoctorAdept.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNTelescope.blp The Mur'gul are back sending a herald with some conditions for the Pandaren to retreat from this land. Although peaceful we have to fight them back to protect our land. Kill the herald and bring the conditions to Chen to get your reward.
World Peace ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNPandarenBrewmaster.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAbility_Warrior_Disarm.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNMurlocNightCrawler.blp The Pandaren want to have world peace. No more fighting in Azeroth. No more fighting in the world. They are fed up with violence. To secure the peace Chen needs the source of violence to be destroyed: The Goblin Bankers. They cause most of the issues due to t
Invasion of Argus ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDraeneiProphet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNAnkh.blp - Velen the Prophet has started the invasion of Argus, the former planet of the Draenei civilization which is now corrupted by the Burning Legion. The planet is threatening Azeroth. Hence, the demonic leaders must be defeated. Velen needs the help of Illidan. G
Army of the Light ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDraeneiProphet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWarcraft3 Ico.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNeredarRed.blp Velen the Prophet needs the help of the Naaru and the Army of Light to defeat the Demons on Argus. Visit the Naaru Xe'ra at the crashing site of the dimensional ship Xenedar, hire a Lightforged Peacekeeper and return him to Velen to get your reward.
Exodar ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDraeneiProphet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSorceressMaster.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNGiftoftheNaaru.blp Velen the Prophet needs more troops from Exodar in Azeroth to fight the Burning Legion. Travel to Exodar at the Azuremyst Isle in Azeroth, hire 5 Rangari and return them to Velen to get your reward.
Demon Hunt ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDraeneiProphet.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFrostmourne.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNPowerGenerator.blp Velen the Prophet orders the attack on Argus with his whole army. Kill as many enemy Demon heroes as possible to defeat the Burning Legion once again. After killing 5 enemy Demon heroes return to Velen and receive your reward.
Old Gods ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNJaina.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCrystalBall.blp - Jaina got the information that the titan Sargeras imprisioned the old gods of Azeroth in a prison and killed the most powerful one. She needs the heart the most powerful old god to defeat the titan Sargeras. You must travel to Outland and fight all of the old
Invasion ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNJaina.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHeartAmulet.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNCthunIcon.blp Sargeras is planning another invasion from the Burning Legion now as revenge for killing his imprisoned Old Gods. The whole planet will be invaded by his Demon creatures. Close all of his portals on Azeroth to stop the invasion!
Elemental Lords ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNJaina.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSpellSteal.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNInfernal.blp The Elemental Lords are back from the Elemental Plane for revenge on Azeroth. Defeat them and return to Jaina.
Wild Gods ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNJaina.blp ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNBarrel.blp ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNSummonWaterElemental.blp Capture the remaining Wild Gods in Azeroth and bring their souls to Jaina.