World of Warcraft Reforged - Info

World of Warcraft Reforged is a multiplayer Open World Roleplay-Game custom map for the real time strategy game Warcraft: Reforged. It is based on the popular but old custom map World of Warcraft Reborn. There have been multiple remakes the most famous one being WoW Reanimated. This map is another remake with different content and different features. You choose a game mode, a hero, a profession and if you are a Warlord you also choose a race and start the map. It is an open world RPG where you can pretty much do whatever you want: The hero level defines what game features are available for you. You will get more interesting and powerful features with a higher hero level like in almost any other RPG. See Hero Journey for more information.


The map contains a great number of features and many of them cannot be found in one single map:

Enable HD Graphics

This is not required anymore since version 3.11. Open the map in the World Editor and go to "Scenario -> Map Options" and select for "Supported Modes:" (at the bottom) "HD and SD":
Enable HD Graphics
Make sure that the JassHelper is enabled when saving the map. Go to the "Trigger Editor" and click on "JassHelper" and enable it:
Enable JassHelper

Map Info