World of Warcraft Reforged - Locations

The map consists of several named locations many of them are inspired by World of Warcraft or Warcraft III:
Icon Name Description
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTavern.blp Player Selection All players start here in the beginning of the game to pick their hero etc. and to start the game.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCrushingWave.blp Maelstrom The Maelstrom will sink ships crossing it.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNArcaneObservatory.blp Theramore
Geographic Location:
South West.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNVolcano.blp Molten Core -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCastle.blp New Stormwind The capital city of the kingdom of Stormwind and the largest human city on Azeroth.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDarkPortal.blp Dark Portal The Dark Portal to Outland in the Eastern Kingdoms which the Orcs used to enter Azeroth.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDarkPortal.blp Draktharon Keep The Nerubian keep of Northrend.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDwarvenWorkshop.blp Khaz Modan The home of the Dwarves.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDalaranMutant.blp Dalaran Dungeons The dungeons of the former city of Dalaran.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDarkPortal.blp The New Citadel -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNDarkPortal.blp Black Citadel -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNArcaneObservatory.blp Dalaran The flying city of the Kirin Tor.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNStrongDrink.blp Pandaria
Geographic Location:
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNSARGERASDEMONBlueborder.blp Tomb of Sargeras -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNKeeperOfTheGrove.blp Cenarius┬┤ Grave -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNElfVillager.blp Sunstrider Isle The home of the Blood Elves.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNWellSpring.blp Sunwell Grove The home of the Blood Elves.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNTreeOfLife.blp Ashenvale Forest The forest of the Night Elves.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNFortress.blp Orgrimmar The home of the Orcs.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNShamanTotem.blp Thunder Bluff The home of the Tauren.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNHarpyQueen.blp Stonetalon Peak -
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNCentaurTent2.blp Barrens The home of the centaurs.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ Azuremyst Isles An island in the north west of Kalimndor. Starting zone of the Draenei.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNMedalionOfCourage.blp Elven Clan Island The island of the famous Elven Clan.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ Argus The original homeworld of the eredar.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ Eredath A part of Argus.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ Antoran Wastes A part of Argus.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/ Krokuun A part of Argus.
ReplaceableTextures/CommandButtons/BTNRevenant.blp Frozen Throne The Frozen Throne where the Lich King is located.